Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Image Playback
You can playback the CF card’s images in an automatic slide show.
Each image will be displayed for about 3 sec.
Select [Auto play].
Turn the <5> dial to select [x
Auto play], then press <0>.
X The auto play screen will appear.
Start the auto play.
X After [Loading image...] is displayed
for a few seconds, auto play will start.
To pause the auto play, press <0>.
During pause, [ ] will be displayed
on the upper left of the image. Press
<0> again to resume the auto play.
Stop the auto play.
To stop the auto play and return to the
menu, press the <M> button.
3 Automated Playback of Images (Auto playback)
During auto play, auto power off will not work.
The display time may vary depending on the image.
During auto play, you can press the <B> button to change the
display format.
During pause, you can turn the <5> dial to view another image.