Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Custom Function SettingsN
C.Fn-10 Superimposed display
0: On
1: Off
The AF point in the viewfinder will not flash in red. Recommended
when it is bothersome to see it light up.
The AF point will still light when you select it.
C.Fn-11 Menu button display position
When you press the <
> button, you can set the menu screen setting.
0: Previous (top if power off)
Displays the preceding menu screen that was used. Note that the
top menu screen [Quality] will be displayed instead when the
<4> switch is turned <2>.
1: Previous
Displays the preceding menu screen that was used.
2: Top
Always displays the top menu screen [Quality].
C.Fn-12 Mirror lockup
0: Disable
1: Enable
Effective for close-up and telephoto shots to prevent camera shake caused
by the mirror’s reflex action. See page 97 for the mirror lockup procedure.
C.Fn-13 AF point selection method
0: Normal
Press the <S> button and use <9> to select the AF point.
1: Multi-controller direct
Without pressing the <S> button first, you can just use the <9>
to select the desired AF point. Pressing the <S> button will set it
to automatic AF point selection.
2: Quick Control Dial direct
Without pressing the <
> button first, you can just use the <
> dial
to select an AF point directly. By holding down the <
> button and
turning the <
> dial, you can set the exposure compensation.