Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Troubleshooting Guide
The lens focus mode switch is set to <MF>.
X Set the lens focus mode switch to <AF>. (p.27)
Camera shake occurred when you pressed the shutter
X To prevent camera shake, hold the camera still and press the
shutter button gently. (p.30, 44)
[Err **] is displayed on the LCD panel.
X If it is [Err CF], see page 120.
X If it is [Err 02], see page 165.
You are using a non-Canon CF card.
X Using Canon CF cards is recommended. (p.167)
The image is erase-protected.
X Cancel the protection. (p.117)
The correct date and time has not been set.
X Set the correct date and time. (p.40)
Video cable plugs are not inserted all the way.
X Insert the video cable plugs firmly all the way. (p.116)
The correct video format (NTSC or PAL) has not been set.
X Set the camera to the correct video format to match the TV set.
You are not using the video cable that came with the camera.
X Use the video cable that came with the camera. (p.116)
The image is out of focus.
The CF card cannot be used.
Image Review & Operation
The image cannot be erased.
The wrong shooting date and time is displayed.
No image appears on the TV screen.