Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Setting the AF, Metering,
and Drive Modes
The viewfinder has 9 AF points. By
selecting a suitable AF point, you
can shoot with autofocus while
framing the subject as desired. You
can also set the AF mode to suit the
subject or obtain the desired effect.
Evaluative, partial, spot, and
center-weighted average metering
modes are provided. Single,
continuous, and Self-timer drive
modes are provided. Select the
metering mode that suits the
subject or your photographic
The asterisk M appended on the right of the page title
indicates that the respective feature cannot be changed in
the <1> (Full Auto) mode.
The AF mode, AF point selection, metering mode, and drive
mode will be set automatically in the <1> (Full Auto)
Metering mode
AF mode
Drive modes