Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Setting the Image-recording Quality
The number of possible shots and maximum burst (p.52) apply to a Canon
512MB CF card.
The single image size, number of possible shots, and maximum burst during continuous
shooting are based on Canon’s testing standards (ISO 100, Picture Style: [
The actual single image size, number of possible shots, and maximum burst will vary
depending on the subject, shooting mode, ISO speed, Picture Style, etc.
In the case of monochrome images (p.53), the file size will be smaller so the
number of possible shots will be higher.
On the top LCD panel, you can check the remaining number of images the CF
card can record.
The RAW assumes that the image will undergo post-processing with a
personal computer. Special knowledge is required, but you can use the
bundled software to obtain the desired effect.
Image processing refers to adjusting the RAW image’s white balance,
contrast, etc., to create the desired image.
Note that direct printing and print ordering (DPOF) will not work with
RAW images.
Image File Size and CF Card Capacity According to Image-Recording Quality
Image-recording Quality Image File Size (Approx. MB)
Possible Shots
73 4.6 101
83 2.3 196
74 2.7 168
84 1.4 319
76 2.0 233
86 1.0 446
1+83 25
1+74 24
1+84 26
1+76 25
1+86 27
1 12.9 29
About the RAW