Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

The color space refers to the range of reproducible colors. With this
camera, you can set the color space for captured images to sRGB or
Adobe RGB. For normal images, sRGB is recommended. In the <1>
(Full Auto) mode, sRGB will be set automatically.
Select [Color space].
Turn the <5> dial to select [z
Color space], then press <0>.
Set the desired color space.
Turn the <5> dial to select [sRGB]
or [Adobe RGB], then press <0>.
This is mainly used for commercial printing and other industrial uses.
This setting is not recommended if you do not know about image
processing, Adobe RGB, and Design rule for Camera File System 2.0
(Exif 2.21).
Since the image will look very subdued with sRGB personal computers
and printers not compatible with Design rule for Camera File System
2.0 (Exif 2.21), post-processing of the image with software will be
Setting the Color SpaceN
About Adobe RGB
If the image is captured with the color space set to Adobe RGB, the file
name will start with “_MG_” (first character is an underscore).
The ICC profile is not appended. The ICC profile is explained in the
Software Instruction Manual (PDF).