Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

By setting various optional settings with the menus, you can set the
image recording quality, Picture Style, the date/time, Custom Functions,
etc. While looking at the LCD monitor, you use the <M> button,
<0> button, and <5> dial on the camera back to proceed to the next
The menu screen is color coded for the three menu categories.
Menu Operations
Icon Color Category Description
Red Shooting menu Shooting-related menu
Blue Playback menu Image playback-related menu
Yellow Set-up menu Camera’s basic settings
<M> button
LCD Monitor
<C> button
<5> Quick
Control Dial
<0> button
Menu settings
Menu items
Menu category
color code
Menu category
Press the <C> button to jump to the first item of each menu
You can use the <5> dial even when the <4> switch is <1>.
Even while the menu is displayed, you can instantly go back to shooting
by pressing the shutter button halfway.