Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Image Playback
You can magnify the image by 1.5x to 10x on the LCD monitor.
Display the image.
Display the image in the single-image
or image info. display mode.
Magnify the image.
Press the <u> button.
X First, the center of the image will be
To increase the magnification, hold
down the <u> button.
Press the <I> button to reduce
the magnification. Hold down the
button to continue reducing the
magnification until it reaches the size
in step 1.
Scroll around the image.
Use <9> to scroll around the image
in any direction.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to magnify
other areas of the image.
To exit the magnified display, press
the <x> button.
u/yMagnified View
Magnified area
During the magnified view, you can turn the <6> or <5> dial to view
the next or previous image at the same magnification and scroll position.
With C.Fn-18-1 set, you can hold down the <l> button and press the
<u> or <I> button to magnify or reduce the image.