Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

3 White Balance Auto BracketingN
Take the picture.
When B/A bracketing has been set, the
three images will be recorded onto the
CF card in the following sequence:
Standard WB, B (blue) bias, and A
(amber) bias. If M/G bracketing has
been set, the sequence will be
Standard WB, M (magenta) bias, and
G (green) bias.
In step 2, set “BKT” to “±0(“ to
” (1 point)).
Canceling White Balance Auto Bracketing
With white balance bracketing, the maximum burst will be lower.
When white balance bracketing is set, the white balance icon will blink on
the LCD panel and the remaining shots will decrease to about 1/3.
Since three images are recorded for one shot, the CF card will take
longer to record the shot.
You can also set white balance correction and AEB shooting in
combination with white balance bracketing. If you set AEB in
combination with white balance bracketing, a total of nine images will be
recorded for a single shot.
BKT” stands for bracketing.