Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Contents at a Glance
Image Quality
Set picture effects Î p.53 (Selecting a Picture Style)
Set custom picture effects Î p.55
(Customizing the Picture Style)
Print the image to a large size Î p.50 (73, 83, 1)
Take many photos Î p.50 (76, 86)
Adjust the color tone Î p.64 (WB correction)
Take black-and-white or sepia photos Î p.53 (Monochrome)
Change the AF point Î p.77 (S Selecting the AF point)
Select the AF point quickly Î p.154 (C.Fn-13-1/2)
Photograph a still subject Î p.75 (One-Shot AF)
Photograph a moving subject Î p.75 (AI Servo AF)
Take continuous shots Î p.82 (i Continuous shooting)
Take a picture of myself Î p.48 (j Self-timer)
Shoot fully automatically Î p.46 (Using Full Auto)