Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

When the camera is ready to shoot, press the <B> button to view
the current camera settings on the LCD monitor.
Display the camera settings.
Press the <B> button.
X The current camera settings appear
on the LCD monitor.
To turn off the LCD monitor, press the
<B> button again.
B Checking Camera Settings
Date/Time (p.40)
Picture Style (p.53)
WB correction (p.64)/
WB bracketing (p.65)
Color space (p.67)
Register camera settings (p.148)
Color temperature setting
ISO speed (p.60)
Auto rotate display (p.105)
Auto power off (p.39)
CF card remaining capacity
Flash exposure compensation (p.100)
Camera Setting Display
File number (p.70)
Folder number (p.68)
For details on the image info. during playback, see “Shooting Information
Display” (p.108).