Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

The LCD panel is provided with
Each time you press the <U> button,
the LCD panel illumination will turn on or
off. Use it to read the LCD panel in the
dark (9). The illumination will turn off
automatically after the shot is taken.
ULCD Panel Illumination
Pressing any shooting-related button or turning the Mode Dial while the
LCD panel is illuminated prolongs the illumination.
During a bulb exposure, pressing the shutter button completely will turn
off the LCD panel illumination. However, you can turn on the illumination
for 6 sec. by pressing the <U> button.
Using the Eyepiece Cover
During self-timer or remote switch (optional) operation when your eye
does not cover the viewfinder eyepiece, stray light may enter the
eyepiece and affect the exposure when the image is captured. In such a
case, use the eyepiece cover (p.21).
Remove the eyecup.
From the bottom of the eyecup, push
it upward.
Attaching the Eyepiece Cover.
Slide the eyepiece cover down into
the eyepiece groove to attach it.