Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Contents at a Glance
Freeze or blur the action Î p.86 (s Shutter-priority AE)
Blur or the background or make everything look sharp
Î p.88 (f Aperture-priority AE)
Adjust the image brightness (exposure)
Î p.92 (Exposure compensation)
Photograph fireworks Î p.96 (Bulb exposures)
Photograph dark scenes Î p.100 (Flash photography)
Image Playback and Printing
View images with the camera Î p.107 (x Playback)
Erase an image Î p.118 (L Erase)
Prevent accidental erasure of an image Î p.117 (K Protect)
View images on TV Î p.116 (Video OUT)
Print images easily Î p.121 (Direct printing)
Adjust the LCD monitor brightness Î p.106 (
LCD brightness
Power Source
Use a household power outlet Î p.26 (AC adapter kit)
Change the auto power off time Î p.39 (Auto power off)