Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

The AF mode is the autofocusing operation method. Three AF modes
are provided. One-Shot AF is suited for still subjects, while AI Servo AF
is for moving subjects. And AI Focus AF switches from One-Shot AF to
AI Servo AF automatically if the still subject starts moving. In the <1>
(Full Auto) mode, AI Focus AF will be set automatically.
On the lens, set the focus mode
switch to <AF>.
Set the Mode Dial to any setting
except <1> (Full Auto).
Press the <E> button. (9)
Select the AF mode.
While looking at the LCD panel, turn
the <6> dial.
X: One-Shot AF
9: AI Focus AF
Z: AI Servo AF
f Selecting the AF ModeN
If an Extender (optional) is attached and the maximum aperture of the lens
is f/5.6 or smaller, AF will not be possible. For details, see the Extender’s
<AF> stands for auto focus. <MF> stands for manual focus.