Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Creating and Selecting a Folder
With the Select/Create folder screen
displayed, turn the <5> dial to select
the desired folder, then press <0>.
X Captured images will be saved in the
selected folder.
100EOS5D” is the folder No. and the
number on the right is the number of
images contained in the folder.
Selecting a Folder
You cannot select a folder to playback the images inside.
Creating Folders with a Personal Computer
With the memory card open on the screen, create a new folder named
Open the Dcim folder and create as many folders as necessary to save and
organize your images.
The folder names must start with three digits from 100 to 999 followed by
five letters, like 100ABC_D. The five letters can be a combination of upper
or lower case letters from A to Z and an underscore. There can be no
spaces in the folder name. Also, if there are folder numbers with the same
three-digit number (regardless of the letters) such as “100ABC_C” and
100ABC_D”, the camera will not recognize the folders.