Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

3 Setting the Image-recording Quality
The maximum burst during continuous shooting depends on the image-
recording quality. The approx. maximum burst during continuous
shooting is indicated below for each image-recording quality. Note that
with high-speed CF cards, the maximum burst may be higher than
shown in the table below depending on the shooting conditions
* Continuous shooting is possible until the CF card becomes full.
The number of shots remaining during the
maximum burst is displayed on the lower
right of the viewfinder.
If “9” is displayed, it indicates that the maximum burst is nine or more
shots. If “6” is displayed, it is six shots.
While you are shooting and the number of shots remaining in the
maximum burst is fewer than 9, the viewfinder will display “
”, “
”, etc. If
you stop the continuous shooting, the maximum burst will increase.
Max. Burst During Continuous Shooting
73 83 74 84 76 86 1 1
Max. Burst 60 150 120 319* 200 446* 17 12
Max. Burst
After all the captured images are processed and written to the CF card, the
above table’s figures for the maximum burst will apply.
With white balance bracketing (p.65), the maximum burst will be lower.
The maximum burst is displayed even when the drive mode is set to
<u> (Single) or <j>. The maximum burst is displayed even when a
CF card is not in the camera. Therefore, before shooting, make sure that
a CF card is installed in the camera.