Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Basic Operation
The <5> dial is mainly used for shooting-related settings and selecting
LCD monitor items. When you want to use the <
5> dial to prepare for
shooting, set the <4> switch to <J> first.
(1) After pressing a button, turn the
<5> dial.
When you press a button, its function remains active
for 6 seconds (
). During this time, you can turn
the <
> dial to set the desired setting. When the
timer ends or if you press the shutter button down
halfway, the camera will be ready to shoot.
You can select the AF point or set the
white balance, ISO speed, and flash
exposure compensation.
When using the LCD monitor, you
can select menu operations and
select images during playback.
(2) Turn the <5> dial only.
While looking at the LCD panel or viewfinder,
turn the <
> dial to set the desired setting.
You can set the exposure compensation
or the aperture in the <
> mode.
The <9> consists of eight direction
keys and a button at the center. Use it to
select an AF point, set white balance
correction, scroll around a magnified
image display, and move the trimming
frame for direct printing.
Operating the <5> Dial
Operating the <9>
You can also operate (1) when the <4> switch is set to <1>.