Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Preparing to Print
Playback the image.
Press the <x> button.
X The image and the printer icon <w>,
<A>, or <S> indicating a printer
connection will be displayed.
X The <l> button lamp will light in
The procedure will be different
depending on the icon displayed. See
the applicable pages below.
SBubble Jet Direct
ACP Direct
Icon Reference pages
126 - 129, 138
130 - 132, 138
133 - 135, 138
RAW images are not compatible with direct printing.
If you use a battery to power the camera, make sure it is fully charged.
During direct printing, keep checking the battery level.
If there is a long beeping sound in step 5, it indicates a problem with the
PictBridge printer. To find out what’s wrong, do the following:
Press the <x> button to playback the image and follow the steps
1. Press <0>.
2. On the print setting screen, select [Print].
The error message will be displayed on the LCD monitor. See “Error
Messages” on page 129.
Before disconnecting the cable, turn off the camera and printer. Pull out
the cable while holding the plug, not the cord.
When connecting the camera to the printer, do not use any cable other
than the dedicated interface cable.
Do not disconnect the cable during direct printing.