Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

f Selecting the AF ModeN
Pressing the shutter button
halfway activates the autofocus
and achieves focus once.
The AF point which achieves focus
flashes briefly. At the same time, the focus
confirmation light <
> in the viewfinder
is displayed.
With evaluative metering, the exposure
setting (shutter speed and aperture) will
be set when focus is achieved. The
exposure setting and focus will be
locked as long as the shutter button is
pressed halfway. (p.79) You can then
recompose the shot while retaining the
exposure setting and point of focus.
While you press the shutter
button halfway, the camera
focuses continuously.
This AF mode is for moving subjects when
the focusing distance keeps changing.
With predictive AF*, the camera can also
focus track a subject which steadily
approaches or retreats from the camera.
X The exposure is set at the moment
the picture is taken.
One-Shot AF for Still Subjects
AF point Focus
AI Servo AF for Moving Subjects
If focus cannot be achieved, the focus confirmation light <o> in the
viewfinder will blink. If this occurs, a picture cannot be taken even if the
shutter button is pressed fully. Recompose the picture and try to focus
again. Or see “When Autofocus Fails (Manual Focusing)” (p.80).