Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Single and continuous drive modes are provided. In the <1> (Full
Auto) mode, single shooting is set automatically.
Press the <R> button. (9)
Select the drive mode.
While looking at the LCD panel, turn
the <6> dial.
u : Single shooting
When you press the shutter
button completely, one shot will
be taken.
i : Continuous shooting (Max. 3
shots per sec.)
While you press the shutter
button completely, shots will be
taken continuously.
j : Self-timer Operation (p.48)
iSelecting the Drive ModeN
During continuous shooting, the captured images
are first stored in the camera’s internal memory and
then successively transferred to the CF card. When
the internal memory becomes full during continuous
shooting, “buSY” will be displayed on the LCD panel and in the
viewfinder and the camera cannot take any more shots. As the captured
images are transferred to the CF card, you will be able to capture more
images. Press the shutter button halfway to check in the viewfinder’s
bottom right the current remaining shots of the maximum burst.
If “FuLL CF” is displayed in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel, wait
until the access lamp stops blinking, then replace the CF card.
When the battery level is low, the maximum burst will be slightly lower.
Max. Burst