Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

f Selecting the AF ModeN
* About Predictive AF
If the subject approaches or retreats from the camera at a constant rate,
the camera tracks the subject and predicts the focusing distance
immediately before the picture is taken. This is for obtaining correct
focus at the moment of exposure.
When the AF point selection is automatic,
first the center AF point will focus the
subject. Within the spot metering circle,
there are six invisible Assist AF points (
in diagram) that function in the AI SERVO
AF mode. So even if the subject moves
slightly away from the center AF point, the
camera can still continue focusing. If the
subject moves completely away from the
center AF point during focusing, the
adjacent AF point will continue focusing
the subject as long as it covers the subject.
With a manually selected AF point,
the selected AF point will focus track
the subject.
AI Focus AF switches the AF mode from
One-Shot AF to AI Servo AF
automatically if the still subject starts
After the subject is focused in the One-
Shot AF mode, if the subject starts
moving, the camera will detect the
movement and change the AF mode
automatically to AI Servo AF.
AI Focus AF for Automatic Switching of AF Mode
When focus is achieved in the AI Focus AF mode with the Servo mode
active, the beeper will sound softly. The focus confirmation light <o> in the
viewfinder will not light.