Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

With just one shot, three images having a different color tone can be
recorded simultaneously. Based on the white balance mode’s standard
color temperature, the image will be bracketed with a blue/amber bias
or magenta/green bias. This is called white balance bracketing. It can
be set up to ±3 levels in single-level increments.
Select [WB SHIFT/BKT].
Turn the <5> dial to select [z WB
SHIFT/BKT], then press <0>.
X The WB correction/WB bracketing
screen will appear.
Set the bracketing amount.
Turn the <5> dial to set the
bracketing direction and bracketing
When you turn the <5> dial, “ ” on
the screen will change to “ ” (3
points). Turning the <5> dial to the
right sets the B/A bracketing, and
turning it to the left sets the M/G
Set the bracketing level for the B/A or
M/G bias up to ±3 levels in single-
level increments. (The bracketing
level cannot be set for both the B/A
and M/G bias.)
X On the right side of the screen, “BKT
indicates the bracketing direction and
the bracketing level is also displayed.
Press <0> to exit the setting and
return to the menu.
White Balance Auto BracketingN
B/A bias ±3 levels
M/G bias ±3 levels