Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Major Accessories (Optional)
Battery Pack BP-511A
High-capacity, lithium-ion, secondary power pack.
AC Adapter Kit ACK-E2
Power source kit (AC adapter, DC coupler, power cord)
for supplying power to the camera with a household
power outlet. Compatible with 100 - 240 V AC.
Compact Power Adapter CA-PS400
Quick charger for BP-511A. It takes about 110 minutes to
recharge one pack. Two packs can be attached to it at
one time. DC Coupler DR-400 (optional) can also be
connected to the CA-PS400. Compatible with 100 - 240 V
Battery Grip BG-E4
This accommodates two BP-511A packs or six size-AA
batteries. It has a vertical-grip shutter button, electronic
dial, AE lock/FE lock button, and AF point selection
Shoe-mount Speedlites
An EX-series Speedlite can be attached to the camera’s
hot shoe. In the same way as normal exposures, you can
use E-TTL II autoflash for flash exposures.
Macro Lites
The EX-series Macro Lites (two models) are ideal for
close-up flash photography. You can fire only one or both
flash tubes and control the flash ratio to easily obtain
sophisticated lighting effects with E-TTL II autoflash.