Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
To make recording on the Micro SD memory
1. Check the memory card’s <Free size> and <Total size>.
2. Otherwise, check the stored data and if you find them not important, then click
<Format> to format the Micro SD memory.
Some frames may be skipped if the micro SD memory card operates at the lower speed than
For more details, refer to “Recommended Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Specifications”.
(Page 10)
For a Micro SD memory card with a large capacity, the formatting will be slowed down accordingly.
The data traffic will increase when the camera is set to higher resolution, higher bit rate, and/or higher
If there is too much data traffic, some frame may be skipped although it is stored in a full frame.
When a frame skip occurs, images are saved at the rate of min. one image per sec.
3. Specify the storage action.
Record profile : Shows recording profile’s codec type.
Normal : Make recording at a certain frame rate.
Event : Set the recording type for a certain event that occurs.
Pre event duration : Specify the time point before the occurrence of the alarm;
starting from the time point, the images will be transferred. You can specify up to
5 seconds before the occurrence of the alarm.
Post event duration : Specify the time point after the occurrence of the alarm; to
the specified time point, the images will be transferred. You can specify up to 120
seconds after the occurrence of the alarm.
Record file type : It specifies the file format of the recorded images.
If you insert a SD card saved in another saving file type (AVI/STW), you will need
to format it before use.
- STW : It is Samsung Techwin’s unique file format.
- AVI : It is the conventional avi format.
Overwrite : If the Micro SD memory is full, this will delete old data and store new
data in replacement.
Auto delete : Data for a certain period is deleted, while other data is not deleted.
This can be set within the range of one day to 180 days.
If the storage period is expired, data is automatically deleted and new data will be recorded. Once
deleted, it cannot be recovered.
4. Specify the <Normal record setup>.
Always : Always save recorded video in the Micro SD memory card.
If set to Always, the activation time cannot be changed.
Only scheduled time :
Records only on the specified time of the specified day of week.
[Clear ( )] : Reset all settings.
5. When done, click [Apply (
72_ setup screen