Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

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Dustproof/Waterproof (IP66) (SNV-5084R)
The dustproof and waterproof design makes you feel at ease when installing the product
outdoors or exposing it to rain.
IR mode
If the IR indicator turns on, the product switches to the IR mode for preventing an object
from being too bright, which helps you identify the object in near distance.
Visibility: 30m (SND-5084R/SNV-5084R)
In B/W mode, the IR indicator turns on with the effective visibility of 30m at 0 Lux.
HD Video Quality
This network camera can display videos in different resolutions and qualities
simultaneously using different CODECs.
Web Browser-based Monitoring
Using the Internet web browser to display the image in a local network environment.
When an event occurs, video is either sent to the email address registered by the user, sent
to the FTP server, saved in a Micro SD card, or a signal is sent to the alert output terminal.
Tampering Detection
Detects tempering attempts on video monitoring.
Motion Detection
Detects motion from the camera’s video input.
Intelligent Video Analysis
Analyzes video to detect logical events of specified conditions from the camera’s video
Face Detection
Detects faces from the camera’s video input.
Audio Detection
Detects sound louder than a certain level specified by user.
Auto Detection of Disconnected Network
Detects network disconnection before triggering an event.
ONVIF Compliance
This product supports ONVIF Profile-S.
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