Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

installation & connection
28_ installation & connection
Attaching to the unbundled adapter
Choose and purchase a necessary one of the following options (unbundled) that is suitable
to the installation site or for your convenience.
1. Remove the dome cover from the case by referring to
the “Disassembling” section. (page 23)
2. Use the provided machine screw to fix the camera
case to the unbundled adapter.
3. Connect and arrange the necessary cables lest that
they should be damaged or twisted while installing the
4. Install the camera body in the reverse order of
5. Adjust the lens in a desired direction by referring to the
Adjusting the monitoring direction for the camera
section. (page 31)
6. Close the dome cover.
To ensure waterproofing, tight up the fixing bolts using the
L-wrench and drill bit.
Outdoor installation
When you install it outside of the building, please waterproof it with waterproof butyl rubber
tape (can be purchased in stores) so that water does not leak from the gap of the cable
connected to the outside.
1. Connect the power, I/O, BNC, and LAN
2. Wrap the black cable jacket (Area A) and the
cable connection area with waterproof (butyl
rubber) tape so that more than half of the
butyl rubber tape is overlapped.
If the cable jacket is not waterproofed properly,
then it can directly cause leakage. Make sure to
protect the cable with a dense layer of taping.
Waterproof butyl tape is made of butyl rubber that can be stretched to twice its normal length.