Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

50_ network connection and setup
network connection and setup
Auto Network Setup
Run <IP Installer_v2.XX.exe> to display the camera search list.
At the initial startup, both [Auto Set] and [Manual Set] will be grayed out.
For cameras found with the IPv6 setting, these buttons will be grayed out as the cameras do not
support this function.
1. Select a camera in the search list.
Check the MAC address of the camera
on the camera’s label.
Both the [Auto Set] and [Manual Set]
buttons will be activated.
2. Click [Auto Set].
The Auto Setting dialog appears.
The <IP Address>, <Subnet Mask>,
and <Gateway> will be set automatically.
3. Enter the password.
Enter the password of “admin” account,
which was used to access the camera.
For the security purposes, you are
recommended to use a combination
of numbers, alphabets uppercase and
lowercase and special characters for your
If you want to change the password, refer
to “Administrator password change” of
the user setup. (page 117)
4. Click [OK].
Auto network setup will be completed.