Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
Profile access
You can check the profile information.
1. From the Setup menu, select the
<System (
)> tab.
2. Click <Profile access>.
Profile access : Show the information
of the newly added profile.
- Profile : Show the information of the
newly added codec.
- Bitrate(kbps) : Show both the actual
bit rate and the set bit rate.
- Framerate(fps) : Show both the actual frame rate and the set frame rate.
- ATC(%) : Show the ATC status.
- Concurrent users count : Show the number of concurrent users who access the
Current users : Shows information on users accessing web viewer and displaying
monitoring video.
- Profile : Show the name of the profile accessed by the user.
- Bitrate(kbps) : Show the current bit rate.
- Network connection status : You can check the network connection status.
- IP : Show the IP address of the current user.
To check information on the profile currently used, click <Profile access> again to refresh it.
72_ setup screen