Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
To Setup Special
1. Select <Special>.
2. Select each item and set it properly.
Sharpness Mode : Adjust the overall
sharpness of the image.
If selecting <On>, you can adjust the
sharpness of the image.
Sharpness level : The higher the level
is, the sharper and clearer the outline of the image becomes.
Gamma : Adjust the contrast of the image.
Color level : Adjust the strength of video color.
Defog : Compensate the video in the foggy or cloudy weather.
It is set to <Off> as a default. Specials are used when the video looks blurry in the
foggy weather.
- Off : Disable the fog elimination function.
- Auto : The image is automatically compensated according to the foggy level.
Adjust <Defog level> to be more effective.
- Manual : The user manually sets the amount of compensation for each image.
If the defog mode is set to <Auto>, the performance is proportional to the fog level. To keep
the set defog level without regard to the fog level, set the defog mode to <Manual>.
If the manual defog level is high in a thin fog, the image may become too dark.
Defog level : Control the defog level.
DIS : Compensates the image automatically when it is seen to shake for stable
image output.
Mitigate the degree of image vibration when the camera vibrates due to the external factors
such as wind.
72_ setup screen