Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

E-mail/FTP profile : Video profile to be transferred to the specified email or FTP
Only the MJPEG codec can be set as the E-mail/FTP profile.
Record profile : This is the profile that is applied to video recording.
Audio-In : Sets whether to use audio for video recordings.
6. According to your situation, set ATC (Auto Transmit Control) mode.
ATC mode : It adjusts the video
properties according to the variance
in the network bandwidth, controlling
the bit rate. Adjusting the bit rate
depends on the ATC mode.
- Control framerate : Reduce the frame rate if the network bandwidth drops down.
- Control compression : Control the compression rate if the network bandwidth
drops down.
Compression adjustment can cause deterioration of the image quality.
If <Bitrate control> is set to <CBR>, the encoding priority according to the ATC mode will be
fixed as below:
Bitrate control / ATC mode Control framerate Control compression
CBR Framerate Compression
ATC sensitivity : Affect the transfer rate according to the variance in the network
The transfer rate will be adjusted to the fastest if the bandwidth is <Very high>,
and adjusted to the latest if the bandwidth is <Very low>.
ATC limit : If the quality or frame rate is adjusted, the property will be changed to
the applied value (%) against the previous setting value (100%).
Note that if you reduce the property value too much, you may encounter flickering
on the screen. So it is advisable to adjust the value within the threshold.
It is recommended to apply ATC control only for cameras supporting ATC.
Set the ATC sensitivity to <Very low> in a network environment with high variance in the network
If the network connection is unstable, you may encounter flickering on the screen.
7. Select Able or Disable for the Crop Encoding function.
For more details, refer to “To Use Crop Encoding”. (Page 76)
Crop encoding : It cuts only the selected area out of the full screen and outputs it
at the resolution specified in <Profile setting>.
The resolution should be less than the Crop Encoding setting area.
8. When done, click [Apply (
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