Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
To use Video analytics
It detects event that meets all conditions specified by sensitivity, size and area and the
event condition rules.
1. Select the video analysis mode.
2. Set <Sensitivity>, <Size> and <Area>.
For further details on settings, refer
to “To use Motion detection”. (Page
3. Select <Analytics> tab.
4. Select the video analysis type.
Passing : Detect an object passing
by the line set by the user.
Entering/Exiting : Detects an object
entering or exiting the area set by the
Appearing (Disappearing) : Detects
motions of appearing on or
disappearing from the user-defined
area or the entire screen area.
5. Set the video analysis rules.
For further details on settings, refer to
To set the video analysis rules”.
(page 109~110)
6. Set whether to use <Detection result
Specified rules of virtual lines and areas
are displayed on the monitoring page.
7. When done, click [Apply (
72_ setup screen