Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

48_ network connection and setup
network connection and setup
3. In the <Address> pane, provide the
necessary information.
MAC (Ethernet) Address : The MAC
address imprinted on the camera
label is automatically displayed and
requires no user setting.
IP related parameters can be set only
when DHCP is not checked.
If not using a Broadband Router
For setting <IP Address>, <Subnet Mask>, and <Gateway>, contact your network
4. In the <Port> pane, provide necessary
HTTP Port : Used to access the
camera using the Internet browser,
defaulted to 80.
VNP Port : Used to control the video
signal transfer, defaulted to 4520.
5. Enter the password.
Enter the password of “admin” account, which was used to access the camera.
For the security purposes, you are recommended to use a combination of numbers, alphabets
uppercase and lowercase and special characters for your password.
If you want to change the password, refer to “Administrator password change” of the user
setup. (page 117)
6. Click [OK].
Manual network setup will be completed.