Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
Enable SNMP Trap : SNMP trap is used to send important events and conditions
to the Admin.
- Community : Enter the trap community name to receive messages.
- IP address : Enter the IP address to which messages will be sent.
- Authentication failure : It specifies whether an event shall be generated when the
community information is invalid.
- Network connection : It specifies whether an event shall be generated when the
network disconnection is restored.
Enable SNMP v3 : SNMP version 3 will be active.
- Password : Specify the default password for SNMP version 3. The default
password is <admin4321>.
The default password can be exposed to a hacking thread so it is recommended to change the
password after installing the product.
Note that the security and other related issues caused by the unchanged password shall be
responsible for the user.
Password should be longer than 8 characters, no more than 16 characters.
4. When done, click [Apply (
SNMP v3 is only able to be set when the secure connection mode is HTTPS.
Refer to “SSL”. (page 93)
Link-Local IPv4 address
An additional IP address may be assigned to assess the camera from the Link-Local
1. From the Setup menu, select the
<Network (
)> tab.
2. Click <Link-Local IPv4 address>.
3. Set the <Link-Local IPv4 address>.
Auto configure : It specifies Able
or Disable for the Link-Local IPv4
IP address : Display the assigned IP
Subnet mask : Display the subnet
mask of the assigned IP.
4. When done, click [Apply (
72_ setup screen