Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
If the existing password is not matched, when you change the admin password, you
cannot change the password.
After changing your password, if there is a camera connected to a CMS or NVR client,
then you need to re-register it with the newly changed password. If the camera is still
connected with the same password, then the account may be locked because a client
uses the previous password.
If you try to login with the registered account, 5 or more consecutive password authentication
has failed, and then the account may be locked for thirty seconds.
When the password is changed while multiple connections are active from a PC, the browser
may malfunction. In that case, reconnect to the server.
Guest setup : If you select <Enable guest access>, the guest account can access
the Web viewer screen but can only view the live Viewer screen.
The ID/password for the guest account is <guest/guest>, which cannot be changed.
Authentication setup : If you select <Enable RTSP connection without
authentication>, you can access RTSP without logging in and view the video.
Current users : If you select <Use>, you can set or change the user permissions.
The administrator can set the audio input, audio output and alarm output permissions.
Profile : If you select <Default>, you can only see the default profile video; if selecting <All>, you
can see the full profile videos.
ONVIF functions available to a registered user allowed to use ONVIF functions are limited to those
of granted with permission.
Video Transfer and Changing Video Information: Set the profile to <All>, and set Audio Input and
Audio Output.
Video Transfer, Changing Video Information, Alarm Output : Set the profile to <All>, and select at
your preference for the rest.
4. When done, click [Apply (
72_ setup screen