Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

English _57
When you access the product for the first time,
you must register the login password.
When the “Password change” window appears,
enter the new password.
The new password should be a
combination of at least three types of
uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers and special characters with eight to ten digits. If you use
10 to 15 digits, you must combine at least two types.
Special characters that are allowed. : ~`!@#$%^*()_-+=|{}[].?/
You cannot use your ID as your password. You cannot repeat same letters more than twice and
you cannot use the three consecutive keyboard buttons.
If you lost your password, you can press the [RESET] button to initialize the product. So, don’t lose
your password by using a memo pad or memorizing it.
Whenever you access the camera, the login window appears.
Enter the User ID and password to access the camera.
1. Enter “admin” in the <User name>
input box.
The administrator ID, “admin”, is fixed
and can not be changed.
2. Enter the password in the <Password>
input field.
3. Click [OK].
If you have logged in successfully, you
will the Live Viewer screen.
If you check the “Remember my credentials” option when your input is done, in future you will
be logged in automatically without being prompted to enter the login information.
You will experience the best video quality if the screen size is 100%. Reducing the ratio may cut
the image on the borders.