Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
Audio setup
You can configure the I/O settings of the audio source from the camera.
1. From the Setup menu, select the
<Video & Audio (
)> tab.
2. Click <Audio setup>.
3. Set the audio input value.
Source : Sets the audio input.
- Line : Connect the cable to the
audio device.
- Internal microphone : Microphone
that is built-in in the camera. (It is
applicable only to the SND-5084R model.)
- External microphone : 3.5mm jack type, powered active external microphone.
Apply power to Ext. Mic. : If the external microphone connected has no separate
power supply, check this option to set camera to supply power to the connected
external microphone. The option is enabled if <External microphone> is
Codec : Specify the audio codec.
- G.711 : A audio codec standard, it uses 64 Kbps PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)
ITU standard audio codec that is adequate for digital voice transfer in PSTN
network or through a PBX.
- G.726 : ITU standard audio codec applying ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse
Code Modulation) for variable bit rates of 40/32/24/16 Kbps to 64 Kbps PCM
Bitrate : Set the bit rate to differentiate compression ratio if using G.726 codec.
Gain : Specify the audio input amplification.
Sound quality deterioration or howling may occur if the loudness of the sound source or gain value
were set excessively.
4. Set the audio output level.
Enable : Sets whether to use audio output.
Gain : Specify the audio output amplification.
5. When done, click [Apply (
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