Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

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Setting up Port Range Forward for several network cameras
When several network cameras are connected to one Broadband Router device, you
should forward the TCP 943 port of the router to the TCP 943 port of a connected camera.
If you don't set properly the TCP 943 port of the router, you cannot get any video stream from the
web page of the camera.
TCP 943 port is a port for the Silverlight policy server of a camera.
You can set a rule of Port Forwarding on the Broadband Router device through its
configuration web page.
You cannot change the Silverlight policy server port of a camera.
You can change the ports of the camera except the policy server port through its
configuration web pages.
When Camera1 and Camera2 are connected to a router :
Port forwarding can be done without additional router setup if the router supports the UPnP
(Universal Plug and Play) function.
After connecting the network camera, set <Quick connect> of <Samsung DDNS> to <On> in
the “Setup
DDNS” menu.
Broadband Router
Start End Protocol IP Address
943 943 TCP
3000 3000 TCP/UDP
3001 3001 TCP/UDP
4520 4520 TCP/UDP
4521 4521 TCP/UDP
8080 8080 TCP/UDP
8081 8081 TCP/UDP
Camera1 (
HTTP port 8080
Device port 4520
RTSP port 3000
Policy server port 943
Camera2 (
HTTP port 8081
Device port 4521
RTSP port 3001
Policy server port 943