Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

Upgrade / Reboot
1. From the Setup menu, select the
<System ( )> tab.
2. Click <Upgrade / Reboot>.
3. Select a desired item and set it
Upgrade : Performs upgrading the
Factory default : Resets the system
to the factory default.
- Except network parameter : Initialize all setup parameters except for network or
lens setup.
- All : Resets all settings including the camera settings. (however, the log
information will not be reset)
The IP addressing system will be defaulted to DHCP if you reset the camera. If no DHCP server is
found, the previous settings will be restored automatically.
Configuration backup & Restore : Backs up the current system settings before
performing the restoration process. The system is automatically restarts after
backup or restoration.
Restart : Restarts the system.
To perform the upgrade
1. Click [Upgrade].
2. Click [Browse] and specify a file to
3. Click [Send].
4. The “Upgrade” dialog appears where
the progression will be shown in the
5. Once completed upgrading, the
browser exits and the camera restarts.
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