Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

English _67
To play the content after searching by event
1. Click the [Playback ( )] button.
2. Specify the start time and end time of
your search.
3. Select an event type for your search
within the specified period.
4. Click the [Event search] button.
The search results will be displayed in
the list.
If more than 800 events are recorded
within the search period, your search will be limited up to the date when the 800th event is
For instance, if the search period is between 10th and 15th day of the month, and more than 800
events were recorded 10th through 11th, your search will be limited up to 11th day with a total of
800 events, and events after then (from 12th) will not be found.
5. Select a data item to play in the search
6. Click the [Play (
)] button.
7. To stop playing the video, click
[Stop (
8. To return to the search screen,
click [Exit (