Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

52_ network connection and setup
network connection and setup
If you have installed a Broadband Router with a camera connected, you must set the port range
forwarding on the Broadband Router so that a remote PC can access the camera in it.
Manual Port Range Forwarding
1. From the Setup menu of the Broadband
Router, select <Applications &
Gaming> - <Port Range Forward>.
For setting the port range forward for
a third-party Broadband Router, refer
to the user guide of that Broadband
2. Select <TCP> and <UDP Port>
for each connected camera to the
Broadband Router.
Each port number for the Broadband
Router should match that specified in
<Setup> - <Network> - <Port> from
the camera’s web viewer menu.
3. When done, click [Save Settings].
Your settings will be saved.
Above sample instructions are based on the CISCO’s Broadband Router.
The settings may differ depending on the connected Broadband Router model.
For more information, refer to the user manual of the applicable router.