Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

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Power Cable Specification for Each Model
In case of DC 12V Input:
Wire Type (AWG) #22 #20 #18
Cable Length (Max.)
24m 38m 60m
In case of AC 24V Input:
Wire Type (AWG) #22 #20 #18
Cable Length (Max.) SNV-5084R 34m 55m 88m
Network Cable Specification
Item Contents Remark
Connector RJ45
Ethernet 10/100Base-T 10/100 Mbps
Cable UTP Category 5e
Max Distance 100M
PoE Support IEEE 802.3af
Model specificaiton supported
Model name
Power input
DC 12V AC 24V PoE PoE+
SND-5084R IR Not supported IR Not supported
SNV-5084R IR, Heater IR, Heater IR, Heater Not supported