Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

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Adjusting the monitoring direction for the camera (SND-5084R/
Adjusting the monitoring direction
You can adjust the camera direction only when the camera is fixed on the ceiling.
Where, rotating the camera unit to the left or right is called Pan, adjusting the tilt is called
Tilt, and turning the lens on its axis is called Rotation.
- The effective range of pan is a total of 354 degrees.
- The effective range of rotation is a total of 355 degrees.
- The effective range of tilt is a total of 67 degrees.
The image can be covered up by the camera case depending on the angle.
Do not forcefully turn the focus/zoom lens after the dome case is disassembled.
Otherwise, it may cause an incorrect focus due to a motor failure.
Methods of adjustment
1. After installing the camera, adjust the panning angle in consideration of the
monitoring direction.
2. Set the horizontal angle so that the image is not reversed.
In case of the SND-5084R model, rotate the lens with the cover on the rear of the lens unit.
3. Adjust the tilt angle so that the camera faces toward the monitoring object.
Lens rotation