Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

DDNS is an abbreviation of Dynamic Domain Name Service that converts the IP address of
a camera into a general Host Name so that the user can easily remember it.
1. From the Setup menu, select the
<Network (
)> tab.
2. Click <DDNS>.
3. Select the <DDNS> connection type.
4. Type in the DDNS items according to
the selected type.
Samsung DDNS : Select this if you
use the DDNS server provided by
Samsung Techwin.
- Product ID : Enter the product ID that is registered with the Samsung DDNS
- Quick connect : It sets port forwarding automatically when used with a UPnP
(Universal Plug and Play) supporting router.
Public DDNS : Select one of provided public DDNS servers when you use a public
DDNS server.
- Service : Select desired public DDNS service server.
- Host name : Enter the name of the host that is registered with the DDNS server.
- User name : Enter the user name for the DDNS service.
- Password : Enter the password for the DDNS service.
5. When done, click [Apply (
If selected <Quick connect>, be sure to select Samsung DDNS service.
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