Samsung SND-5084R Digital Camera User Manual

setup screen
To Set Exposure
You can adjust the exposure level of the camera.
1. Select <Exposure>.
2. Select each item and set it properly.
Brightness : Adjust the screen
Minimum shutter : The limit of the
longest exposure time.
Shutter is the mode to set up the range of
the sensor exposure time which will specify the upper and lower limits for the electronic shutter
The framerate may be reduced in the dark condition if Shutter has a lower value than specified in
the Sensor mode.
Maximum shutter : The limit of the shortest exposure time.
Anti flicker : It prevents screen flickering incurring from the dissonance between the
surrounding lighting and the frequency.
SSNR3 : Select Able or Disable for the video noise elimination function.
SSNR3 level : Adjust the noise reduction level.
Iris : Set the camera shutter to manual, automatical or P-shutter.
- Auto : The iris is automatically adjusted to the amount of the surrounding light.
- Manual : Sets the iris F-No to manual.
- P-Iris: This is the depth priority mode. You can close the shutter during the day
to get good depths and in the nighttime, you can open the shutter to get more
Iris F-No : Set up the F value of the iris.
AGC : Select AGC Control mode.
Adjust the gain value of the video (that, in particular, was recorded at a low
contrast scene and had a lower brightness level than normal) to control the video
The image exposure can be saturated depending on the Shutter setup range.
72_ setup screen