Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

108 Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus
Chapter 4 Viewfinder Screen Indications and Menus
Setup Files
You can use setup files to reproduce a particular
configuration of settings. You can also revise the
contents of setup files.
There are eight types of setup files, of which five are
factory preset setup files and the other three are user
Calling up a Setup File
This describes how to call up a setup file and use it to
replace the current menu settings.
1 Set the SETUP switch to FILE.
The camcorder is set according to the currently-
selected file data.
2 Access basic menu page 3.
a) An asterisk (*) appears in front of any factory preset
file whose contents have been revised at least once.
SETUP switch
Current file
Selected file
3 Move the cursor to SELECT FILE with the MENU
switch and use the MENU dial to select the desired
4 Move the cursor to CHG FILE and press the
MENU dial.
The display changes as shown below and the
selected file is called up.
You can also call up these files via a similar operation
in advanced menu page 10 (page 9 on the DSR-370/
370P). In this page, a file recorded onto a tape can
also be called up.
For details, see To call up files recorded onto a tape
(page 109).
File Description
STD Settings for shooting under
standard conditions
HISAT Settings for making pictures
Settings for shooting under
fluorescent lighting
Settings for making pictures
like ones shot by film camera
Settings to optimize camera
image for recording and
playback characteristics of S-
VHS, VHS, or Hi-8 tape
USER1 to USER3 User setup files (set to STD at