Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

68 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Back Space Editing
REV button
FWD button
5 Press the STOP button when the tape reaches the
position where the new recording will start (see the
figure above).
This stops the tape.
6 Press the RET button
on the lens.
This rewinds the tape slightly and runs it until the
continue point (specified by step 5), then sets the
camcorder to recording pause state.
7 Press the VTR button on the camcorder or lens.
This starts recording.
The edit search function enables you to search for the
continue position. For details, see next section.
If you turn the POWER switch off during recording, or
when recording is paused, the camcorder automatically
goes through its shut-down sequence, then powers off.
When you next turn the POWER switch on, the
camcorder automatically finds the point at which
recording ended, and sets itself up so that you can
carry in with continuous recording. Note that this
operation takes several seconds: do not turn the
POWER switch is turned off or replace the battery
during this interval, as the automatic recording
continuity will be lost.
Note also that the recording continuity is lost in the
following cases.
If the POWER switch is turned on and off repeatedly.
If the camcorder is left powered off for several hours.
If the camcorder is subject to severe vibration while
powered off.
If for any other reason the automatic recording
continuity function is unable to operate correctly.
If the lithium battery (CR2032) is exhausted, or if no
lithium battery has been fitted.
Using the Edit Search Function
While Back Space Editing
You can use the edit search function to find the desired
tape location when continuing to record from any other
location on the tape. Press and hold one of the EDIT
SEARCH buttons to activate the search playback
function for as long as you hold down it.
1 Turn on the power, then insert a cassette into the
2 Perform steps 2 to 12 in Basic Procedure for
Shooting (page 57).
3 Press and hold either of the EDIT SEARCH
buttons (REV or FWD).
The tape is moved in reverse or forward search
mode for as long as you hold down the REV or
FWD button, and the image is shown in the
STOP button
REW button
PLAY button
F FWD button