Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Appendix 141
Cleaning the Video Heads
Always use the special-purpose Sony DVM-12CLD
Cleaning Cassette for cleaning the audio and video
heads. Follow the instructions with the cleaning
cassette carefully, as inappropriate use of the cleaning
cassette can damage the heads.
The DVM-12CLD Cleaning Cassette can be used only
once. When the DVM-12CLD is loaded in the
camcorder, only STOP, PLAY and EJECT buttons
Replacing the video heads
If cleaning the video heads fails to restore picture
quality, the heads may be due for replacement.
Keep a check of the hours of head drum operation:
with normal use, the heads should need replacing
after about 1,500 hours of use.
When the heads need replacement, contact your Sony
Check the hours of head drum operation using the VCR
menu. For details see Checking the Total Operating
(Power-On) Hours Menu 201 on page 119.
Replacing other parts
For replacement of all parts other than the video heads,
contact your Sony dealer.