Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 1 Overview
32 Chapter 1 Overview
Location and Function of Parts
VCL-719BX Zoom Lens (for DSR-370K1/370PK1)
When using a lens other than VCL-716BX or VCL-719BX,
see page 40 and page 134 (Designating the lens).
1 Iris ring
For manual iris control, set the Iris selector qd to the
M position, and turn this ring.
2 Zoom ring
For direct manual zoom control, set the ZOOM
selector 7 to the MANU. position, and turn this
3 Focus ring
Turn this ring to focus the lens on the subject.
4 M (close-up) button
For close-up work, turn the MACRO ring 6 while
holding this button down. (See page 135.)
1 Iris ring
4 M (close-up) button
5 F.B adjustment ring
and F.B fixing knob
6 MACRO ring
7 ZOOM selector
8 Zoom remote control
9 VTR button
0 Shtl button
qa RET button
qs Motorized zoom lever
qd Iris selector
qf Instant automatic iris adjustment button
qg Dip switchs
qh Iris gain adjustment trimmer
qj Shuttle memory position knob
2 Zoom ring
3 Focus ring