Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 5 Adjustments and Settings 137
Chapter 5 Adjustments and Settings
Settings for special cases
The background is very bright, and the
subject is too dark.
Settings for Special Cases
Setting Effect
Set the A.IRIS MODE switch to BACK L,
turning the indicator on.
This lightens the foreground.
The subject is under a spotlight. Set the A.IRIS MODE switch to SPOT L,
turning the indicator on.
This prevents white burn-out in highlights
of faces and clothes.
The subject is completely still (e.g. when
shooting documents, drawings, etc.).
Enable the EVS (Enhanced Vertical
definition System) function.
(See page
Enabling the EVS function tends to
increase the occurrence of aliasing
problems (moiré patterns). Therefore,
normally leave the function disabled.
This enhances the vertical resolution.
Shooting conditions
When shooting bright areas mixed with
dark areas (Example: A person indoors
looking through a window at a bright
landscape outdoors)
Set DL to ON in the advanced menu
page 2 and, then set the OUTPUT/DL/
DCC+ switch to CAM DL.
(See page
This prevents white breakup and color
faults in bright areas.
When adjusting for skin detail or tone
(Example: When shooting to hide skin
See Skin Detail Correction or
Adjusting Color in the Specified Area
(page 138)
This adjusts the skin detail or tone to a
designated active area.
To make focusing before shooting
Press the EZ FOCUS button, turning the
easy focus function on.
(See page 16.)
This opens the iris, to make it easier to
focus before beginning shooting.
To begin shooting immediately when
there is no time to make adjustments.
Press the EZ MODE button, turning the
EZ mode function on.
(See page 17.)
This provides automatic adjustment to a
set of standard values, to allow
immediate shooting.
The 3200 K preset white balance makes
the picture reddish.
Change the setting of the preset white
balance on basic menu page 2
page 93)
This prevents the picture from reddening.
When you wish to give a lush effect, as
when shooting a wedding or similar
Use HISAT file.
(See page 108.)
This increases the saturation of primary
Shooting under fluorescent lighting. Use FL file.
(See page 108.)
This eliminates the blue-green cast, and
restores natural hues.