Sony 370PL Camera Accessories User Manual

Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections 41
Chapter 2 Fitting and Connections
Using the Viewfinder
Removing the Viewfinder
Remove any microphone from the viewfinder before
1 Pull the viewfinder connector
out of the VF connector on the
2 Loosen the viewfinder left-to-
right position fixing ring, then
pulling up the retaining catch,
slide the viewfinder out.
Using Accessories
To fit the viewfinder
Reverse the removal procedure. (You need not hold
the viewfinder stopper up.)
Left eye adaptor
By fitting a left eye adaptor, you can use the
camcorder with your left eye to the viewfinder.
You cannot stow the camcorder attached with a left
eye adaptor in the LC-DS500 Carrying Case.
For details, consult your Sony dealer.
Adjusting the viewfinder position
To adjust the viewfinder left-to-right position, loosen
the left-to-right fixing ring, and to adjust the front-to-
back position loosen the front-to-back position locking
VF connector
Retaining catch
Viewfinder left-to-right
position fixing ring
Viewfinger front-to-back
position locking knob
Viewfinder left-to-right
position fixing ring